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Organic Ibérico Chorizo by Fermin
Organic Ibérico Chorizo by Fermin
Organic Ibérico Chorizo by Fermin

Organic Ibérico Chorizo by Fermin

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 At FERMÍN we dedicate an exclusive part of our manufacturing to products of 100% Iberian acorn-fed pigs, born and bred in organic products with pesticide-free and synthetic fertilizer-free soils.
In addition, animals are reared in the conditions of life that accommodate their natural behaviors, their diet is based on organic cereals, they have never been given antibiotics or growth promoting hormones and have constant access to the outdoors.


The aroma that arises as of the very moment when it is sliced overflows into our senses, anticipating the intensity and balance that it offers in mouth. Its taste is rotund and gorgeous, deliciously rich thanks to the perfect combination of paprika and garlic; although these do not in any measure mask the excellent textures of the noble meat parts that are used in its production, hence offering perfect balance between lean and marbled meat.

7oz / 200g
1 Reviews

don't get scared by the color
I am from Spain and I bought this product the other day and when I opened it the color was different from the one I am used to see but it is because is organic, once you try it the taste is full of flavor and it really tastes as chorizo

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