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Selection of our favorite Spanish charcuterie


La Española Meats has been making Spanish style artisanal charcuterie in California since 1982. It all started when Doña Juana immigrated to southern California to raise her family where it was difficult to find the foods of her beloved homeland. Authentic recipes, superior ingredients and personal attention to each batch sets us apart from others. You are sure to enjoy the best flavors of Spain in our chorizos, morcillas, salchichones and lomos made right here in the USA!


Our products are made with the highest quality hormone-free and antibiotic-free fresh meats. The pimentón used in our charcuterie is of the finest Protected Denomination of Origin (DOP) imported directly by us from La Vera. We only use all natural sea salt in our products and all natural spices. As we’d like to say, the proof is in the chorizo!


In manufacturing our charcuterie offerings, we follow the trusted gastronomic traditions of Spain but under the strict inspection of the United States Department of Agriculture. In addition we adhere to a strict Standard Sanitary Operating Procedures (SSOP) regimen as well as Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) devised by leading companies in the food industry.


We carefully select the best raw materials, and always prepare our sausages with the utmost care, being faithful to our gastronomic tradition.


The commitment to quality, authenticity, and innovation is present in each of our products. That is the reason why we have been awarded several certifications that accredit our good practices and superior products.


Ibérico and Serrano Ham

We feature the finest Jamón Ibérico (Pata Negra) and Jamón Serrano imported from Spain. Cinco Jotas (5J), Fermin, Redondo Iglesias, whole boneless, bone-in or sliced ham.

We carry a wide selection of imported Spanish charcuterie from Fermin, Marcos, & Palacios. Salchichón (salami), chorizo, lomo (dry cured pork loin) are to just name a few.

Cheese-making in Spain is a tradition which goes back hundreds of years. We visit & select each cheese maker from midsize to small artisanal producers. With numerous DOP cheeses, it’s only natural that Spain produces some of the world’s best cheeses.

It’s been said that the olive is the fruit of the gods! Spain is the leader in the olive industry as both producer and exporter. These staples of the Mediterranean diet are the quintessential Spanish food.

This is considered extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), a treasure of nature. Spain is the king as far as liquid gold is concerned, it is the country with the highest production and consumption.

We have the largest variety of salazones,  canned fish and seafood to taste in your appetizers or to give as a gift to your friends Gourmets.

One of the first things one misses when leaving Spain is the variety of flavors found in its cuisine. Here you can find all the spices that give your dishes that touch you are looking for.

Spain is one of the main producers of rice and legumes and is home to some of the most valued varieties in the world. Asturian Faba Bean, Pardinas Lentils or Bomba Rice.

Dishes prepared with all the flavor of traditional cuisine and the best of the Spanish diet. Enjoy dishes prepared just for heating and serving.

From the finos of Andalusia to the rich red wines of La Rioja, Spain has an exquisite wine culture. With 50 wine regions, Spain is the world's third largest producer of wine.

Chocolates, jams, fig bread, custard and creme brulee... for breakfast, desserts and snacks,... delicacies to put on your table. Enjoy it.

We bring well-known brands such as Carmencita teas and infusions, Valor hot chocolate "a la taza", Cola Cao chocolate for breakfasts or Vichy Catalán sparkling water.


Christmas Sweets

La Española News



No Christmas Without Turrón, that's the truth. Just like there is no Christmas without a tree, without carols, without the Nativity scene or colorful lights. read more
Award for Cured Cheese Flavoured Potato Chips

Award for Cured Cheese Flavoured Potato Chips

It’s a great pleasure to announce that our Cured Cheese Flavoured Potato Chips read more
Olive Japan rewards the high quality of the Oleoestepa´s extra virgin olive oils

Olive Japan rewards the high quality of the Oleoestepa´s extra virgin olive oils

The Jury of the International Competition OLIVE JAPAN 2019 has recognized the quality of the three oils presented by Oleoestepa. read more
Pujado Solano, Cantabrian Anchovies and More!

Pujado Solano, Cantabrian Anchovies and More!

Pujado Solano is a spanish brand which produces canned seafood from Santoña (Cantabria). Cantabrian anchovies, spanish white anchovies and white tuna come from this well-known coast. read more
Albo Cantabrian light tuna scramble in olive oil

Albo Cantabrian light tuna scramble in olive oil

This nutritious white tuna scramble is great for when you have little time, in just 5 minutes you will have it ready. And it is delicious and very juicy. read more


A tent covered patio is located outside to the right of our building and it is landscaped with potted plants, bougainvilleas and a water fountain. This tranquil and relaxing atmosphere is perfect for you to enjoy your meal. For a taste of Spanish cuisine at a reasonable price and a place to find unique Spanish gourmet foods, an afternoon drive to La Española Meats is worth the trip. read more

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