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Ibérico & Cheese

Cinco Jotas - Since 1879.
Since the very beginning, Cinco Jotas has counted on the wisdom of Jabugo locals who, for five generations, have contributed the talents of their ancestral culture.
The curing process remains the same. The detailed treatment of each piece of ham means that Acorn-fed 100% ibérico ham truly is unique in the world. .

Payoyo Cheese - "Great Taste Awards 2020"
Beyond the cheese of all life, there is a whole world to discover with our cheese PAYOYO. Surprise yourself with flavor, texture and aroma that will make you discover new sensations on your palate!

Olive Oil

Oleoestepa - Flavor full of health
The prestige and recognition achieved by the extra virgin olive oil cultivated in the regions of Estepa and Puente Genil are due to a combination of factors, factors such as the variety of olive trees, the climate, the soil and the know-how of its associates.

Hacienda Guzman - The most exclusive extra virgin olive oil.
The Hacienda Guzman experience is to enjoy an exclusive organic extra virgin olive oil, the result of the work and deep knowledge of a family dedicated to olive oil over three generations.


Olives & Pickles

Losada - Soil, seeds, rain and sun.

One of the strengths that we always highlight is our ability to develop a varied and wide range of varieties of Spanish olives, from different parts of our country.
And in Carmona is our olive grove Around these roots, we have developed our project.

Luxeapers - Quality is the foundation of our production.
In the town of Nacimiento (Almería) is located Luxeapers, a company with more than 60 years of experience in the food sector, which offers a wide range of pickles. Increasing customer satisfaction is our fundamental pillar.


La Piedra Redonda - With passion and dedication....

La Piedra Redonda was founded in 1980. Throughout all this time we have known how to preserve the traditional knowledge. We are in the heart of Andalusia (Spain), in the heart of the Natural Park of the Sierra Subbética, in the province of Córdoba

El Viejo Almendro - Natural and healthy nuts.
We work 100% with nuts, without additives or colorants, simply natural products that we select with care and rigor directly from the producer to offer you the best crops and the highest quality. 
We are located in Zamoranos, a town in Córdoba.


Conservas Mata - Completely natural product.

The fried beans are the star product but over time the tomato that began to be produced in 1980 has managed to position itself as another of the reference products.

The key has been to elaborate a sauce based on tomato and olive oil.

Conservas Ubago - Artisans of the sea.
In each can of our preserves you will find the quality of a product elaborated in an artisan way, an optimal packing made by expert hands that select with much care the best pieces. Our canned fish are elaborated with the best quality raw material. Its unmistakable flavor and textures, will transfer you to the essence of the authentic flavor of the sea.

Other Products

Hermanos Roldan - Working day by day with the best raw materials.
They preserve in themselves the essence of the Mediterranean culture, which revolves around our esteemed olive oil. They contain at least 12% extra virgin olive oil in their composition, made without additives or preservatives.

Membrillos El Quijote - Since 1840.

This sweet, an important element of the Mediterranean diet due to its great nutritional contributions, has made MEMBRILLO EL QUIJOTE S.A. the most important company in Spain dedicated to the manufacture of creams and fruit sweets and with a notable presence in international markets,

Tortas Gaviño - 100% Natural Unsurpassed Quality
Traditional handmade Tortas from Sevilla. Irregular rounded shape, soft toasted color handmade Tortas. Our products are meant for those demanding clients who value quality. Therefore, we exclusively use natural ingredients

E. Moreno - Somos los Artesanitos

The mantecados are without a doubt one of the most popular Christmas desserts in Spain and more specifically in Andalusia. The mantecados of Estepa have the denomination of PGI "Mantecados de Estepa" that gives to the sweets produced in our beautiful Sevillian town the guarantee of quality and certification.

Bodegas Osborne - Family Tradition
Since the young Englishman Thomas Osborne Mann founded his first winery in 1772 in Cádiz, Osborne has remained in the hands of the same family over seven generations. It is now one of the best-known brandy and sherry producers both in Spain and across international markets.

Bodegas Yuste - Denominación de origen In Bodegas Yuste we produce wines protected by two protected designations of origin and a specific designation of origin: D.O. Manzanilla -Sanlúcar de Barrameda, unique wines of biological aging under the veil of flor in the city of Sanlúcar. D.O. Jerez-Xérès-Sherry, generous with liquor and natural sweets.

Alfareria Hermanos Padilla - "Las cazuelas de Bailén"

One hundred years of experience in the pottery sector. Our clients have placed us as one of the pioneers in the pottery sector throughout Spain. All the clays and materials used in the manufacture are 100% refractory and of natural origin.

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