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 Reserved 25 Sherry Vinegar

Bdga Paez Morilla Reserva 25 Aged Sherry Vinegar DOP

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Vinagre de Jerez Reserva
Net. Weight: 12.6fl.oz/375ml

8% Acidity

This reserve vinegar has a sharp and robust flavor with hints of toasted almonds, oak and the base note of sherry wine. An ideal complement to salads, seafood, vinaigrettes, and soups.

reserve Sherry Vinegar, and caramel coloring (Sulphite ammonia).

Tasting Notes: Mahogany color has different shades with clean and bright color. The smell, out your great harmony and aging aromas with spicy notes reminiscing sherry. In the mouth, delicious, round, balanced and with high intensity, highlighting the aftertaste own a product of great age.

1 Reviews

Aged Vinegar is the Best
I tried and I really believe this is the best vinegar for salads or avocado toasts

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