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Agraz-Verjus Paco Morales 500ml
Agraz-Verjus Paco Morales 500ml
Agraz-Verjus Paco Morales 500ml

Agraz-Verjus Paco Morales 500ml

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The agraz-verjus Paco Morales is a delicate and perfumed Andalusi dressing (from Al-Andalus period, 8th to 15th centuries) that the one star Michelin chef Paco Morales recreates in the gastronomic space Noor from the juice squeezed from the sour grapes of the organic vineyard of the Robles family in Montilla.

A few days before ripening, Bodegas Robles carries out an early harvest and follows a fermentation process that will transfer to the agraz-verjus its acidic character and the aromatic properties of the sour grapes.

Two years of intense work in library, kitchen and vineyard that will allow you to recover flavors lost in memory. Make it yours, inspire yourself and use it as the Andalusians of the time would.


TASTING NOTES It complements and enhances the main ingredient that it accompanies, without masking its flavour. It has a mild acidity, with a light but definite background of vegetable sweetness. It is an excellent choice when food is accompanied by wine, as it does not distort its flavour by sharing both the same type of acid (tartaric), as opposed to the citric acid of lemons or the acetic acid of vinegar..

GASTRONOMY This dressing, in which aromatic plants and spices can be macerated, can be used in recipes for vegetables, pickles, meat stews and fish. It enhances the flavor of any type of soup or stew, particularly those that use red meats. If you like to combine fruit and meat, agraz -verjus is particularly indicated. In desserts, a reduction of agraz-verjus brings freshness without increasing sweetness.

500 ml
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