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Morcilla de Cebolla
Morcilla de Cebolla
Morcilla de Cebolla
Morcilla de Cebolla
Morcilla de Cebolla

Morcilla de Cebolla

5 Reviews

Blood Sausage with Onions similar to the French boudin noir.
A vital ingredient in the fabada stew from Asturias, Spain.

Morcilla de Cebolla Doña Juana
Each contain 2 links - Aprox. 8oz

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How is morcilla served?
Grill, broil or sauté in olive oil. Server as a hot tapa. Ideal for flavoring legumes, rice dishes, casseroles and stuffed pastries. Essential for making Fabada Asturiana and other stews (cocidos).

Made from pork, Dehydrated Onions, beef blood, salt, paprika, spices, garlic, sodium erithorbate, sodiu nitrite
5 Reviews

is delicious fried

I make mine with my pinto beans and eat it with french bread. Delicious

Not much tasten
I dint like it not like Spanish morcillas dint taste that great the ones from la tienda are more like Spanish morcillas

Best blood sausage
This is a staple in my fridge. I use it for my stews like cocido, fabada, callos and even for my cassoulets. Its holds up pretty well when fried and used as topping for montaditos. I tried a different blood sausage (german) but it just melted away when fried.

The Best
This is the best Morcilla I've ever had. Its high quality, USA source makes it a perfect addition to Cocido (Spanish Traditional Stew/Soup).

I deep fried some in canola oil and ate it wrapped in a soft tortilla shell. You can also fry it in a skillet, turning often too.

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