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Pure Goat´s Milk  Cheese
Pure Goat´s Milk  Cheese
Pure Goat´s Milk  Cheese
Pure Goat´s Milk  Cheese


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Queso de Oveja con Azafran La Leyenda

1/4 Wheel Approx. 1.5lb - 1.7lb   
1/2 Wheel Approx. 3.2lb - 3,4lb (10% discount)  
Whole Wheel Approx. 7 lb (15% discount)

($22.59 lb)  

It is a pure sheep’s milk cheese, mild in flavor, aged for thirty days, produced with a secret concentration of La Mancha Denomination of Origin Saffron, which gives it a mild aroma that can be distinguished, but that is not overwhelming of this veritable Queen of spices.

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Typical mellow orange-yellow color of saffron, this is an exclusive and different option that only our company can offer.

1 Reviews

great saffron texture
This cheese has a great saffron texture

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