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Caviaroli Drops Hot Spherical Olives...
Caviaroli Drops Hot Spherical Olives...

Caviaroli Drops Hot Spherical Olives By Albert Adrià

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CAVIAROLI Drops By Albert Adrià

Drops are the new creation from Caviaroli, which has teamed up with Albert Adrià to bring haute cuisine to the home. Another step towards being able to enjoy one of the favourites by the chef at Barcelona gourmet tapas bar, Tickets, in the comfort of your own kitchen. It’s excitement, surprise… To describe it in one word: spherification. In two words: spherical olives.
This twist on the basic recipe recreates the spicy table olive of a lifetime. An olive with subtle spiciness and a liquid interior, incorporating the chipotle brings a smoky aftertaste. A very special touch that leaves no one indifferent.


CAVIAROLI Drops is the new Brand of CAVIAROLI, created to develop and sell a brand new range of products based on a high quality and ready to use spherification.
CAVIAROLI has taken to the next level all the know how earned during the last 8 years and created and patented several new process in spherifiction that allow us to do bigger spheres with thinner membranes and softer textures, longer shelf life and high end restaurant quality.
Those new products have been created in collaboration with chef Albert Adrià, manager of the gastronomic project called elBarri with several restaurants in it: Tickets, Hoja Santa, Pakta, Bodega 1900 and the newer one; Enigma.

This is the first product developed in collaboration with the Albert Adrià team. We’ve worked very hard on the recipe to match the one served on his restaurants and also on the texture to get the same creamy touch and very similar to the original.
• Liquid interior
• Bursts in your mouth
• Intense olive taste
• Size: 20 mm Ø

Conservation. Unopened,“CAVIAROLI Drops by Albert Adrià” should be stored in cool and dry places away from light, heat and strong odors sources. The ideal temperature range is + 6ºC to + 26ºC. Once opened keep refrigerated without reaching temperatures below + 2ºC and consume in 7 days time. 

Green olive, chilies, water, Alcohol cane vinegar, Tomato paste, Onion, Maltodextrin, Salt, Sugar, E401, E415, E327 & E330, E621 & E635, E300, E202.
May contain traces of
It may contain traces of almond or fish. Contain Sulphites.
1 Reviews

taste as olives
I thought this was regular olives but when I opened the jar and I saw the balls inside I knew something wasn't right, I got a spoon and I ate one and as soon as the ball got in contact with my tongue the ball exploded and a wave filled up with flavor ran through my mouth. You definitely must try this new creation that they came up with, it is unique!

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