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Albo Sardines in Hot Sauce ‘Picantonas’ Conservas Albo - 1
Sardines ‘Picantonas’ in Hot Sauce
Albo Sardines in Hot Sauce ‘Picantonas’
Albo Sardines in Hot Sauce ‘Picantonas’ Conservas Albo - 1
Sardines ‘Picantonas’ in Hot Sauce


Albo Sardines in Hot Sauce ‘Picantonas’

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Sardinas Picantonas 3/4 pieces

The most exclusive recipe of Conservas Albo, the one that makes an unforgettable sandwich with lettuce. Made in a traditional way with natural ingredients that give an exquisite flavor to our fresh sardines.

The popular Sardine pilchardus with blue meat and a brilliant silver belly. Carefully packaged reaching high gastronomic levels of taste and texture. The sardine is given great importance; nothing needs to be done other than observe the number of references and variety in its preparation.

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Quality in raw materials and the group of products used together, which are always natural: olive oil, wine vinegar, spices, and condiments in the manufacturing process; therefore, we say that for more than 140 years.

Albo conserves the best

Net Weight: 4.25oz/120g
sardines, sunflower oil, tomato, red pepper, carrot, cucumber, onion, spices, natural flavor, and salt.
1 Reviews

I love the spicy
I love the spicy level on this item, not too spicy but not too light.

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