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Asturian Faba Bean
La Tierrina Asturian Faba Bean D.O. 250g
Asturian Faba Bean

La Tierrina Asturian Faba Bean D.O. 250g

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Alubia de Fabada
Net Weigh: 8.8oz 

Packaged "a granell" by La Española Meats.

With its Designation of Origin status since 1990, the Asturian Fava Bean is an essential ingredient for any Asturian cookbook.
The grain, once cooked, remains whole, with smooth skin, a soft center, buttery to the palate with little or no grainy or floury texture.


Tips: Do not introduce any kind of spoon to stir during cooking to avoid breaking the beans. If the broth is very loose, smash between 6 or 10 fabes and incorporate them into the stew, giving quick to flirt with the whole broth boil.

It is a dry bean of the Granja Asturiana variety and has the following characteristics: indeterminate stem size with long internodes; with a smooth, elongated green pod; an oblong grain, long and flattened, white in color with a minimum length of 18 millimeters. Care is taken with both the growing and the harvesting, and the beans can be purchased in bags, are served with cold meats or come in ready-to-eat, precooked meals.

1 Reviews

large beans
I like this beans because they are larger in size than the regular ones, and so are great for any cold salad

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