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"Lingolates" Marzipan... "Lingolates" Marzipan... 2
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Toledo marzipan filled with strawberry jam, baked and covered with chocolate. This mix of flavors gives this product a unique personality. Typical Toledo marzipan (mazapan) of superior quality and made with Spanish almonds. The grinding process of this mazapan dough is still done using granite rolling pins as in ancient times. This produces a dough that...
Agromar White Tuna Nape... Agromar White Tuna Nape... 2
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The neck of the Spanish white tuna is one of the emblematic products of the company. The most select slices and fillets from the top of the tuna, close to the head and known as the cogote, is cut by hand and is a product of special juiciness, filleted and hand-packed. We use only Bay of Biscay tuna processed fresh during the summer campaign, to offer you...
Azahar Orange Blossom and... Azahar Orange Blossom and... 2
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Its high concentration of olive oil provides hydration and radiance to your skin. Olive leaves exfoliate and regenerate your skin gently and leave it feeling silky. Is promotes healing, eliminate acne problems, keeps the skin young and elastic. Natural antioxidant. Contains coconut oil and orange blossom fragance. Active ingredients: glucoiside...
Brie Cheese with Truffle... Brie Cheese with Truffle... 2
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Brie Cheese with Truffle Cow’s Milk La Leyenda.The truffle aroma is slowly released into the paste, giving place to an amazing outcome.We present our Brie with Truffle, matured between 3 and 4 weeks and infiltrated with our magnificent truffle paste. 1/2 Wheel (5% discount) Whole Wheel (10% discount) Whole cheese approx. 2.2lb
Valdeón D.O.P Valdeón D.O.P 2
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1/4 Wheel Approx. 1.4lb - 1.6lb   1/2 Wheel Approx. 3.0lb - 3,10lb (10% discount)  Whole Wheel Approx. 6 lb (15% discount) Cheese semi-hard, fatty blue, prepared within the administrative region of Cabrales. Both these areas are located at the foot of the Picos de Europa Mountains in Asturias. The cheese is a mixture of raw cows, goats and sheep's milk...
Caramel Chocolate with... Caramel Chocolate with... 2
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Unique combination of flavors. Golden colored chocolate with a creamy texture and intense caramel flavor and notes of sponge cake and salt, which blend perfectly with orange, almond and pistachio, giving it a citric and very Mediterranean touch. Combine the flavors and textures of chocolate caramel with hints of orange, the Marcona almond and pistachio....
Cayenne Pepper Blend Pitted... Cayenne Pepper Blend Pitted... 2
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The gordal olive is a typical table olive. It is highly appreciated. This is due not only to its enormous size, but also to its high quality and extraordinary flavor.
Pasta Value Pack
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Combination Pack Pastas Romero

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Choose your variety 8.8oz ROMERO DAROCACombination 6 items (2 Angel Hair, 2 Fideo Entrefino, 2 x Curved Pipes): 30% discountCombination 12 items(4 Angel Hair, 4 Fideo Entrefino, 4 x Curved Pipes): 40.5% discount Our strict production processes and quality control system enables us to offer our customers healthy, tasty products. Traditional pasta perfect...
Crunchy Milk Chocoalte with... Crunchy Milk Chocoalte with... 2
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Crunchy Milk Chocolate with Speculoo Biscuit and Rasberry. Nougat bar that masterfully and surprisingly combines the flavors of milk chocolate, Speculoo cookie and raspberry.Weigt: 200grs-7,05oz
Garcia de la Cruz Organic EVOO 500ml Miller
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EARLY HARVESTVARIETIES: Cornicabra, Picual and Arbequino. Extra virgin olive oil coupage of the highest quality, elaborated with the first olives of the harvest. These are harvested green, which allows to obtain organoleptic properties much higher. It is an oil rich in natural antioxidants and vitamins. TASTING NOTE Full-bodied, fragrant and aromatic oil...
Goat's Cheese Infused with... Goat's Cheese Infused with... 2
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1/4 Wheel Approx. 1.5lb - 1.7lb   1/2 Wheel Approx. 3lb - 3,4lb (10% discount)  Whole Wheel Approx. 6.6 lb (15% discount)    Pressed paste cheese made from pasteurized goat´s milk, naturally aged minimum 30 days infused with red wine.
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