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Loomo Embuchado
Lomo Embuchado Pre-sliced 4oz
Lomo Embuchado Pre-sliced 4oz
Loomo Embuchado

Lomo Embuchado Pre-sliced 4oz

1 Reviews

Lomo Embuchado Pre-sliced 
4oz / 115g.

It´s obtained by a salt meat process and a slow ripening. The result is a tender product, with virtually no fat. vacuum packed, wich guarantee a good conservation.
Always extremely lean, cured with a marinade of salt, fresh garlic, and Pimenton de la Vera to accent the delicous dry-cured flavor.


With a rioja wine , manchego cheese...

Pork Loins, Sea Salt, Water, Dextrose, Paprika (Pimentón), Sorbitol, Garlic, Spices, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrite and Potassium Nitrate.
1 Reviews

good for tapas
I use it whenever I feel like eating tapas, I get a manchego cheese and I slice both and ready to go

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