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Marrons al Brandy

Marron Glacé al Brandy by Torres

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Marron Glacé in Torres Brandy TORRE REAL

A special desert for the most discerning palates!

Perfect to combine with other deserts or elaborate a new one like the cupcake of Marrons.

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Marrons:  TORRES has selected the very best chestnuts (Castanea Sativa) from the tradional chestnut plantations of Galicia, the notrh west of Spain known as "Soutos." 

Harvest date:  Last two weeks of October.

Production:  First, the largest chestnuts are selected one by one.  They are shelled, the inner skin is steam-blanched, and then they are hand-peeled.  Once clean, the chestnuts are cooked in water and salt, and perfumed with natural Madagascar Vanilla. 

They are stewed in syrup for four days, left to rest, and then submered for several days in our TORRES Brandy.

Finally, they are glazed, left to dry and carefully packaged individually by hand. 

An original desert made by the specialist of Torres. With a perfect presentation and a delicious sweet and strong taste, thanks to the high quality chestnut and the Torres Brandy.

The chestnuts are produced in Galicia, the north west of Spain, where you can find the most delicate and sweet ones.

Once selected, the chestnuts are cook with Madagascar Vanilla aromas and finished with the exceptional Brandy of Torres and a special glacé with sugar to achieve a sweetness and a texture unique.

A special desert for the most exigent people. Perfect to combine with other deserts or elaborate a new one like the cupcake of Marrons.

Chestnuts (Castanea Sativa), sugar, glucose, TORRES Brandy, natural Madagascar vanilla aroma, sulpher dioxide.
1 Reviews

I bought these the first time for Christmas and absolutely loved them! So I ordered them again for New Years Eve. I’ve bought some before from other places but these are the best by far.

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