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Agromar Faba Beans w/Clams
Agromar Faba Beans w/Clams
Agromar Faba Beans w/Clams

Agromar Faba Beans w/Clams

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It is a dish of excellent elaboration. It is a traditional recipe of Asturian Gastronomy to enjoy whenever you want.
All Natural Artisanal Delicious, buttery taste.
Ready to eat (Warm up only).

Neto: 15oz (420g)
White beans (40%), cooking water, clams (14%), onion, garlic, olive oil, tomato, pepper, parsley and salt.
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Over 50 years of operation

Agromar has more than 50 years of experience and continues to offer you the best quality in canned and pre-cooked products. Our company goes back to 1948, when the Gijonés, Armando Barrio Mata, first had the idea of packing the eggs of sea urchins, at that time very abundant on the Asturian rocks and beaches.

Initially intended for family consumption and as a gift, it did not take long before Armando saw the commercial possibilities for this unique product which he knew how to develop.

In those years, there were many small traditional canners scattered throughout the Cantabrian coast, such as the one his father ran back in 1920. Armando himself manufactured and sold salted fish, perhaps the most traditional of this canned food.

He finally registered the brand in 1968 and 21 years later encouraged the birth of what we know today as CONSERVAS AGROMAR, a young and innovative company.

A leading company in constant evolution

New times, new ideas and new needs have driven Agromar’s constant growth in recent years, both in sales and in product range and production capacity, as it faces new challenges and looks forward to highly competitive international markets.

The success of Agromar products and its clear positioning in the “gourmet” segment mean our products are present in the most select Delicatessen restaurants and shops in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Mexico, USA and Hong Kong; this undoubtedly is our best reward for the work of many years, and a stimulus to continue our dedication and hard work.

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