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Serpis Anchovy Stuffed Olives "Low in Salt" Serpis - 1

Serpis Anchovy Stuffed Olives "Low in Salt"

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Aceitunas Rellenas de Anchoa Bajas en Sal
Net Weight: 12,3oz
Drained Weight: 5.2oz

With all the flavor of anchovy stuffed olives, but 35% less salt.

Are now stuffed more than any other olive on the market, offering the best flavor and quality.

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manzanilla green olives, water, anchovy paste, flavor enhancer: monosodium glutamate, salt, acidulant: citric acid and antioxidant.

The Anchovy Stuffed Olive was already typical as an appetizer - each one of the olives was pitted and stuffed by hand, however, Cándido Miró Rabasa industrialized the stuffing and packaging process of the anchovy stuffed olives. By the beginning of 1926, he had a pitting machine ready, and that is how EL SERPIS Olives were born.
Over time, Cándido Miró innovated and incorporated into his factory new pitting and stuffing machines, which he helped design. Little by little EL SERPIS Olives grew, but always maintaining the traditional manufacturing processes and offering the best taste.
Currently, SERPIS is one of the leading brand names in the olive sector distributing flavor and tradition throughout the entire world.

1 Reviews

low in salt
I like this variety because my doctor told me not to eat much salt and this ones are low in sodium

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