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Mussels in Escabeche
Daporta Cockles in Brine
Daporta Cockles in Brine
Mussels in Escabeche

Daporta Cockles in Brine

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Berberechos al Natural
(25-35 pieces)

Appearance: Hand-packed whitish-gray cockles viand.
Color: whitish-greyish with yellowish foot.
Smell: pleasant, intense, specific.
Texture: compact, juicy.

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Shellfish has traditionally been the supreme speciality of Conservas Daporta, not only due to its careful and meticulous manufacture, but also in great measure due to the excellent raw material used, from the Galician Estuaries.

Shellfish such as clams, cockles, mussels, razor- clams or scallops, is directly bought at the most prestigious fish markets located in the different ports of Galicia.

Conservas Daporta, personally and without intermediates, selects and chooses de best quality product during the shell-fishing season (from September to November), and therefore having its production limited to a few hundred units.

Net Weight: 4.2oz/120g
cockles, water, and salt.
1 Reviews

this cockles rock!
this cockles rock!

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