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Acorn-Fed 100% Ibérico Dry Cured Loin...

Acorn-Fed 100% Ibérico Dry Cured Loin (Lomo) 2oz by FERMIN

1 Reviews

Made with fresh Iberian pork loin, naturally reared and fed on acorns , allow to obtain a tender and gentle product that complements its preparation with a selection of spices typical of land that results in a product with unique organoleptic qualities.

Lomo Ibérico de Bellota.


The most impeccable Ibérico, with a snooth and well-defined testure, in which the marbled fat simply melts in your mouth giving rise to juiciness and a range of flavors and aromas in which the acom is the protagonist, along with the great quality paprika and the wild mountain oregano. A combination that brings to mind the evergreen of the dehesa meadowlonds in the spring and autumn, with touches of wild mushroom notes that make all the components of its flavor profundly rich.

2oz / 57g
1 Reviews

very tasty
you can taste how this lomo is imported from spain because it tastes like real lomo

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