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Tronchon (Blended 3 Milk Cheese)
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Queso Tronchon Rocinante
Whole wheel approx. 4.4 lb 

Smooth & buttery, this famed goat and cow's milk cheese comes from the mountainous region of Teruel and Castellón.

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2070 1lb
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Region: Aragón - Valencia

Traditional, semi-soft cheese made from blended cow's and goat's milk. It has a shape of flattened globe with deep crater. The natural rind is smooth, glossy and it has a color of butter. Tronchon resembles a young Caerphilly. The taste is aromatic, with a background of white wine acidity. The origin of the shape is obscure but it is replicated today with moulds. The interior is bone white and has many small holes.

1 Reviews

great quality
this cheese has a great quality and it preserves good

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