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CUEVA DEL ABUELO D.O.P Very Aged 12 mo


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Manchego cheese made in the natural region of La Mancha, from the milk of sheep of the Manchega breed, yellowish or light ivory in colour, with a firm and friable texture, has a great intensity with the smell of sheep's milk predominating, with acid and lactic notes such as yoghurt, cream and some memories of hay in seasonal periods.

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Elaborated with pasteurized sheep's milk and coming from cattle ranches registered in the D.O.P. (Denomination of Origin). Made with pasteurized sheep's milk from farms registered in the D.O.P. (Denomination of Origin).
A maturation process of approximately 12 months.


The King of Spanish Cheeses. Manchega sheep is exclusively used for making the Manchego cheese. Enjoy it with membrillo, fig jam, marcona almonds and Serrano ham.

The production process is painstaking and carefully protected from beginning to end:
The Manchega breed is indigenous to the area, producing milk that is rich in fat, sweet and fruity, which is none other than the essence of the Manchego Cheese’s flavor.

Although the manufacturing processes are currently industrial, the characteristics of yesteryear are still preserved in order to ensure the flavor and texture, yet with the benefits of technology that offers uniformity and food safety.

1 Reviews

Thanks to my friend
My friend introduced me to this cheese and after I tried it I HAD TO go to La Espanola to buy it

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