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El Valle Sheep's Milk Cheese semicured 4-6 mo

Sheep's Milk Cheese EL VALLE

1 Reviews

Queso de Oveja EL Valle
Sheep's Milk Cheese semicured 4-6 mo 

1/4 Wheel Approx. 1.5 lb  
1/2 Wheel Approx. 3lb  (10% Discount)
Whole Wheel Approx. 6lb  (15% Discount

It takes around 5 months to ripen these cheeses to perfection. In this way it is possible to appreciate their refined flavour.

  • 1 lb
  • 1/4 Wheel
  • 1/2 Wheel
  • 1 Wheel
2312 1lb
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They are very appropriate as a complement to salads and pasta dishes. They also combine very well with smoked products and traditional manchego-style (fried breadcrumbs). They make a perfect accompaniment for snacks or appetizers with dried fruit to or walnuts, almonds,...

 Region: Ciudad Real.

(Queso puro de oveja) A semi-firm, well-developed sheep's milk cheese. Not too strong, buttery & slightly piquant, with a sheep milk aftertaste.

EL VALLE - Valley of Almodovar, in the province of Ciudad Real.

Traditional Spanish semi-soft cheese. Elaborated with the best fresh milk from the pastures of La Mancha, combining ancient tradition with modern technology. The result is a cheese rich in content, with a fine & mildly piquant flavor. Wonderful as a snack with fresh bread or in salads, and delicious when melted in the oven over elegant food or with a full bodied red wine.

1 Reviews

Good cheese at a very good price
I love oveja cheese and this one really gets it

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