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Idiazabal D.O.P.
Idiazabal D.O.P.
Idiazabal D.O.P.
Idiazabal D.O.P.


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Queso Idiazabal from La Vasco Navarra
1/4 Wheel Approx. 1.7lb 
1/2 Wheel Approx. 3.4lb  (10% Discount)
Whole Wheel Approx. 6.80lb  (15% Discount)

The P.D.O. Idiazabal La Vasco Navarra bheese is elaborated in the Basque Country and Navarre, from raw milk of the "Lacha" and "Carranzana" sheep´s varieties, natural rennet, and a minimum ripering of 2 months.

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Its peculiarities are an intense taste and a compact appearance, with an original character, due to its origin.
Taste of origin.

The facilities 01 "Quesos La Vasco Navarra . Quesos Albéniz" are sellled in Olazagulía (Navarre), in the nearby of the Urbasa Natural Parc, in the North of Spain.
The company is being dedicated to the manufacture and trade of hard cheese in the current settlement since 1982, in spite of the fact that its production started in 1978.
In our lirm, aH the stages of the production process are totally automated. The prime material employed is pure milk of the sheep of this area, for our Sheep varieties with Albéniz brand and P.D.O. Idiazabal, and cow and sheep milk lor our blended cheeses.

"Quesos La Vasco Navarra • Quesos Albéniz" has received succesive quality awards both for the D.O.P. Id iazabal and lor the pure Sheep cheese "Albéniz" branded.

"Quesos La Vasco Navarra . Quesos Albéniz" markets its products in the best companies both nationally and abroad.

1 Reviews

Great Navarra Cheese
I am from Navarra and I love to go to la española and buy this cheese because I've been eating this cheese since I was very young

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