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Monte Enebro
Monte Enebro
Monte Enebro
Monte Enebro
Monte Enebro
Monte Enebro


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1/4 piece approx. 11oz
1/2 piece approx. 1.4 lb
Piece aprox. 2.8 lb (15% discount)

Queso del Tietar Monte Enebro is a soft cheese with bloomy rind, made ​​with pasteurized goat milk bacteriological quality impeccable.

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Storage: In refrigerator, a preferential consumption of up to two months. After thirty days, you will gain a more intense flavor. Do not cover the crust with new protection.

Tasting Notes

Odour: mushrooms, mild trace of acidity by the type of clotting issue, resembles yogurt. Something spicy on the nose, herbaceous retronasally touches (fresh grass and hay) and fruits (raw filbert) appreciate.

Texture: Very creamy, sticky and melting on the palate. Crumbly and slightly elastic.

Taste: Slightly acid and slightly salty. It has a soft at first, to be intensified to end an exquisite long aftertaste in the mouth. The evolution continues cheese 30 to 40 days after ripening chambers and becomes more intense aromas and complex flavors (kept in refrigerator and high humidity). Enhancing the taste becomes time.

Region: Castilla-León

Has an unusual creaminess, for the pure and delicate flavor of goat's milk, as well as a subtle acidity. The immaculate white dough crust contrasts with the blue-coated mold, called Penicillium roqueforti, own the inside of the blue cheese. The format, known as "mule foot" is tubular, elongated and cylindrical.

One of the most known and recognized in the world for the good acceptance of all cheese lovers and the indications obtained in national and international competitions cheeses.

1 Reviews

Very creamy
The taste is very creamy and soft

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