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Aged Roncal D.O.P.


2 Reviews
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Raw Sheep's Milk Cheeses
Aged for a minimum of six months.
It is a hard paste cheese, with a cylindrical shape and ivory colored, with a hard, moldy rind and an intense, penetrating, slightly piquant, unmistakable sheep’s milk flavor. It is highly defined and creamy on the palate.

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The cheese is free of colostrums and medicinal products that could have a negative influence on its production, ageing and conservation. It is made with sheep’s milk obtained from the Rasa and Latxa sheep breeds, and from F-1 Latxa X Milchschaf crossbreeds.

Region: Navarra.

From The Roncal Valley, near the French border. Made from raw sheep's milk . Well-developed and Predominantly buttery flavor with a light scent of straw and dried mushroom and smooth but firm texture. Thick grey natural rind with grassy, lanolin flavor and granular, dense texture and flavors of a sweet nuttiness.This is one of the oldest known types of Spanish cheese. 

Pair it with: Sliced pears or apples.

2 Reviews

Sharp n intense
for my pasta dinners, i shred a bunch on top and h-e-a-v-e-n.........

5 stars cheese
This is a very good cheese

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