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50% Ibérico Grain-fed Loin (Lomo)...
50% Ibérico Grain-fed Loin (Lomo)...

50% Ibérico Grain-fed Loin (Lomo) Free Range by FERMIN

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The texture and aroma of Ferm in Iberico products are a result of a slow curing process in a unique environment. In this 50% line, the free range 100% Iberico is cross bred with the 100% Duroc pig resulting in a 50% Ibérico pig that is fe d on grains, grasses, roots and a ny thing nature provides. The result offers a subtle and sophisticated taste in a format suitable for the everyday.

Cured for 70 days using artisanal methods in La Alberca, Spain, a Natural Reserve declared a World Heritage

Lomo 50% Ibérico Grain-Fed - Free Range

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Pork loin from Iberico pork, hand-trimmed and marinated with salt, pimento, garlic, nutmeg and olive oil is made into a sausage and air cured for 3 to 4 months. The meat, deep red from pimento and marble-like in appearance from the fat of the acorns, melts in the mouth, releasing a delicate flavor and a pleasant aroma that is uniquely Iberian.

The 100% Ibérico Free Range pig has the unique ability to store healthy fat, creating a marbling effect that makes it flavorful but more delicate than Acorn-fed. It has an incomparable texture and flavor. Their free range life and their diet based of grain, grass, roots and everything nature provides, makes it very unique. Fermin is one of the few that produces this superb style.
*Products under the Ibérico Quality Regulations: Ham, Shoulder and Loin.

Approx. 1.5 Lb
Iberico pork loin, salt, pimenton, garlic
May contain traces of
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