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Valdeón D.O.P
Valdeón D.O.P


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($21.49 lb) 

A blue veined cheese from the village Posada de Valdeón, in the heart of Picos de Europa. Made from pasteurized cow & goat’s milk. Try with caramelized fig or quince jam

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 Region: Castilla-León (Picos de Europa)

Valdeón is a cheese with a blue veined paste, made all year round with cow’s and goat’s milk. It has a rough, irregular rind in dark grey shades with little red and bluish marks. The paste has a soft texture and a pale yellow color and it is full of small cavities where a white and greenish blue mould is concentrated. Its flavour is strong, a little bit spicy, salty, pronounced and long lasting. Valdeón cheese is a greasy and buttery on the palate and very aromatic.

1 Reviews

muy buen queso
muy buen queso con muy buen sabor

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