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Whole Bone-In Serrano Ham
Whole Bone-In Serrano Ham
Whole Bone-In Serrano Ham
Whole Bone-In Serrano Ham

Imported Serrano Ham Piece

1 Reviews
1201 - 1lb
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Serrano Ham Piece (Reserva Oro)  REDONDO IGLESIAS
Piece min. 1lb

Each piece is hand selected to guarantee the quality and service of which Redondo Iglesias prides itself on. These hams are cured no less than 15 months.

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In 1920 Antonio Redondo Nieto began producing dry-cured sausages and Iberian dry-cured Hams in Valdelacasa, Salamanca Spain. His son Gregorio took over the family business and founded Redondo Iglesias Inc. in 1979. The tradition continues after his sons joined the business, each one making his own contribution to the products which bare their name.

1 Reviews

great piece
this center piece can be used for any kind of food, it can be used on salads, or lentils, it gives a

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