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Mahón - Menorca
Mahón - Menorca
Mahón - Menorca
Mahón - Menorca


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Queso Mahon D.O.P
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Pasteurized Semi-Cured Cow Milk Cheese
A firm favourite with families, our semi-mature cheese is matured for between 90 and 120 days. Its lactic flavour is sophisticated and lingering, with hints of butter and toasted dried fruit and nuts. The buttery texture makes it easy to cut, revealing a smooth, complete and shiny surface. 

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This is the most versatile of all the Mahón cheeses, and is perfect for tapas, grilling au gratin, serving on toasted bread with tomato or the classic Balearic Island speciality on toasted bread accompanied by sobrasada sausage and honey. An absolute must on any Spanish cheese platter.
The peculiar form of the Mahon-Menorca cheese, square base and rounded edges, has an artisan origin, the handmade knotted cotton fabric or fogasser, used as a mold for compacting and pressing the curd.
A cheese with a direct milk flavour, concise and very characteristic, slightly spicy and very aromatic and persistent aftertaste, which denotes the intensity and control of its ripening development. Ideal matching with white wines, very fresh and lively with a touch wooden flavour to soften the sharpness of the cheese, or a good cava brut, served chilled, not too dry, with flavours of ripe fruits and compote.
The gastronomic and culinary use of this cheese is vast as evidenced by the local recipes, the cheese is used in many dishes because of its intense and powerful flavour.


Origin: Island of Menorca, the Baleric Islands, Spain.
Milk: Whole dairy milk.
Form: Parallelepiped with rounded edges.
Height: Bettween 5 and 9 cm.
Weight: From 1 to 4 kilos.
Rind: From a yellowish/white colour to an orange/brownish-grey colour.
Pulp: It has a firm texture and easily sliced except for cured pieces. Yellowish/ivory colour according to the degree of maturity. It has variable number of small rounded holes, distributed irregularly.
Taste and aroma: Smooth taste, slightly salty and acidic flavour. The aroma is lactic and is reminiscent of butter. Changing with the dregree of maturity to a taste and aroma complex and intense and it gives off a piquant impression.
Fat content: no less than 38%.

1 Reviews

Autentico queso de Menorca!

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