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San Simon D.O.P.
San Simon D.O.P.
San Simon D.O.P.
San Simon D.O.P.
San Simon D.O.P.
San Simon D.O.P.
San Simon D.O.P.
San Simon D.O.P.


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Cow's Milk Cheeses
Price per Pound $14.69  

1/2 piece: 1lb approx.
Whole Piece: 1.9 - 2.2lb (10% discount)

Two main characteristics of the cheese-making process stand out and give the cheese its particular flavour and aroma. First, the basic raw material: cows’ milk from Galician Blonde, Brown Swiss and Friesian breeds; the milk is always locally produced to the highest standards of hygiene. Second, the SMOKING process: using only BIRCH from the local birch woods; this gives the cheese its most significant characteristic.

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There are few holes and these are round, irregular and smaller than half a pea.

The milk used for making “San Simón da Costa” Protected Designation of Origin cheeses is produced in the Terra Chá area, which comprises the municipalities of Vilalba, Muras, Xermade, Abadín, Guitiriz, Begonte, Castro de Rei, Cospeito and A Pastoriza, all in the Province of Lugo. This land has a long tradition of cheese making and milk plays an important role in the area’s economy. The local dairy herds are mainly composed of Galician Blonde, Brown Swiss and Friesian breeds and their several crosses, and these provide the high quality raw material for the San Simón da Costa. Here is where the San Simón da Costa cheese is born, a cheese that embodies the best of Lugo Province’s rich products.

Marriage with white wines fermented in barrels and crianza reds. Mencia from Ribeira Sacra or Bierzo is recommended. It also goes well with light beers.

pasteurized cow's milk, lactic ferments, rennet, lysozyma (from egg), calcium chloride, salt
1 Reviews

Muy rico
Este queso esta muy bueno para comer con pan y chorizo

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