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Oleoestepa EVOO Arbequina D.O. Estepa...
Oleoestepa EVOO Arbequina D.O. Estepa...

Oleoestepa EVOO Arbequina D.O. Estepa 750ml

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it is very fruity with hints of green and ripe olives. The aroma has notes of green almond, apple and ripe fruit. Iin the mouth it is sweet highlighting the character of the Arbequina variety, with very slight bitterness and spiciness. This is a perfect oil to pair with anchovies, old cheese, fruit salads and for use in mayonnaise.


  • This product comply with all strict policy of kosher food laws, including cleanliness, purity and quality.


· Finalist Award. International Contest of Quality EVOO, Montoro 2016.
· 2nd Place Mario Solinas 2008. Internation Olive Council (IOC).

This olive variety is relatively new to our olive groves, most of the farms have been operating for less than 30 years and has spectacular results in productivity and high quality.

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