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EVOO Cornicabra Quijote IV Centenario Special Edition 500ml

Garcia de la Cruz EVOO Cornicabra Quijote IV Centenario Special Ed.

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Aceite de Oliva Cornicabra Extra Virgen A tribute to our most illustrious ambassador in the IV centenary of the publication of "El Quijote."
Bottle with a metal frame shaped of a cardboard box "Quixote." Packaging design is commemorating the fourth anniversary of Don Quixote.
Net Weight: 16.9floz/500ml

Boxed & ready for gift


The extra virgin olive oil produced by García de la Cruz is a natural olive juice from the mountains of Toledo. Processed at low temperatures and undergo strict quality controls are very stable oils that retain their quality over time.

This oil has been produced since 1872 and under the prestigious Denomination of Origin" "MONTES DE TOLEDO" and with the many award selection including the "Castilla la Mancha council." This superior category extra virgin olive oil is cold- extracted and produced using mechanical processes only. It is an olive oil with a subtle, delicate flavor. Suitable for all types of seasoning salads and raw vegetables (salad dressings) it is also ideal for marinating fish and meat. Planning healthy meals requires high-quality and great tasting ingredients.

1 Reviews

Please bring some more
I bought this oil because of the funny looking bottle and I ended up liking it a lot so I please bring more

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