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Queso de Nata D.O.P
Queso de Nata D.O.P
Queso de Nata D.O.P
Queso de Nata D.O.P


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This creamy cow’s milk cheese is easy to melt, great for stuffing and exceptional with fish dishes.
The flavor is buttery and slightly bitter.

1/4 Wheel Aprox. 1.54 lb
1/2 Wheel Aprox. 3,08 lb (10% Discount)
Rueda entera Aprox. 6.16 lb (15% Discount)

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Region: Cantabria

Queso Cantabria comes from a region located in northern Spain next to the sea giving it the name in Spanish "El Mar Cantabrico" (Bay of Biscay, in English). Prior to being granted the D.O.P. label, it was known as Queso de Nata. Made from the Fresian cow. A creamy thick textured smooth tasting cheese. flavors of fresh cream but with a slight tartness.

2 Reviews

for big families
if you have a big family celebration on Christmas you might want to but one or two packs of this mantecados, they taste super fresh and super sweet

perfect for the oven
this cheese melts perfectly on top of the bread once in the oven

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