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Albo Tender Octopus in Olive Oil Conservas Albo - 1
Albo Tender Octopus in Olive Oil
Albo Tender Octopus in Olive Oil Conservas Albo - 1

Albo Tender Octopus in Olive Oil

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Pulpo en Aceite de Oliva

At Conservas Albo we prepare the octopus in the traditional way, cooking and packing it with the best olive oil. The typical and delicious octopus, carefully processed, tender and juicy, simply with salt and oil or marinated, makes up another one of the exquisite delights of rich Galician cooking.

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  • Suitable for celiacs. This product is gluten free.


Quality in raw materials and the group of products used together, which are always natural: olive oil, wine vinegar, spices, and condiments in the manufacturing process; therefore, we say that for more than 140 years.

Albo conserves the best

octopus, olive oil, and salt.
1 Reviews

great tapas
this are the perfect tapas for when visitors just show up

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