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Pujado White Anchovy Fillets Marinated
Pujado White Anchovy Fillets Marinated
Pujado White Anchovy Fillets Marinated
Pujado White Anchovy Fillets Marinated

Pujado White Anchovy Fillets Marinated


Fresh White Anchovy Fillets Marinated in Vinegar and Sunflower Oil.  Boquerones en Vinagre y aceite girasol.
Hand made, same day of capture. Guaranteed heat treatment.
Once opened, keep the anchovies covered in oil.

Pujado Solano makes the whole elaboration curing process of the anchovies following the traditional method.

625g- 22.05oz
Fresh White Anchovy (Engraulis Encrasicholus), Olive, Chilli Vinegar, Sunflower oil and sea Salt.
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Our products are made with the finest quality fish from the Cantabrian Sea. Meticulous manual processes give you our packed and marinated anchovy fillets. The prized albacore tuna loins can only be made in the summer months to guarantee their freshness.

Anchovy fillets

Pujadó Solano offers a wide variety of products from the Cantabrian sea. To make our anchovy fillets, we use a painstaking and rigorous process to ensure the highest quality texture and flavour. We offer a wide range of anchovy fillet formats for all types of consumers. Our natural systems guarantee the proper preservation of the product.

White Anchovy fillets

Behind these anchovy fillets is a long preparation process in which the fillets are sliced by hand following traditional techniques that have been practised in Santoña for over a century. The “sobadoras de Santoña”, with their expert hands, are tasked with filleting and then selecting the best fillets to offer a high-quality product.

Albacore Tuna

The albacore tuna caught off the northern coast of Spain is characterised by its tender, white meat, smooth flavour and juicy texture. It is packed in glass jars and tins of various sizes and covered in the finest quality olive oil. We also prepare albacore tuna in Catalan sauce using a family recipe that relies on paprika to give the product an intense flavour.

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