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Tetilla D.O.P
Tetilla D.O.P
Tetilla D.O.P
Tetilla D.O.P
Tetilla D.O.P
Tetilla D.O.P

Tetilla DOP

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Soft cheese with a slight touch of acidity and accompanied by a dairy flavor, slightly salty and buttery.
Paste is ivory-white, soft, creamy and smooth, with few eyes and evenly distributed.
Ideal to eat with bread, with quince paste or to enjoy alone.

Queixo Tetilla 2.2lb Approx.

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Combines wonderfully with fresh young white wines, as Ribeiro, or other young Galician red wines such as Mencías.

Region: Galicia

TETILLA pronounced made in the north from Pontevedra in Galicia. It's name literally means teat or nipple, reflecting the shape of the cheese.

Made from pasteurized cow's milk. A soft-ripened Galician cheese buttery and smooth. Creamy paste-like texture. A mild sweet and tangy flavor. One of the mildest cheeses from Spain. Popular with the kids! Serve with crackers, fruit or quince paste. Melts beautifully for sandwiches and macaroni and cheese.

Whole Wheel 1.5lbs approximately. Extra shipping by 2nd day Air. *For 1 whole piece indicate "2" in quantity. Traditional, creamery, semi-soft cheese made from cow's milk. A pear-shaped, Spanish cheese with pale yellow, ridged rind. It looks like a large, finely ridged fig of breast - hence the name. It has a mellow, fresh lemony taste with a hint of green grass. The consistency is supple with a creamy feel on the palate. This cheese ripens in two or three weeks. It has a fat content of 25 per cent.

2.2lb Approx.
Pasteurized whole cow´s milk, curdling agent, diary ferments, calcium chloride and salt.
1 Reviews

Great for children
My kid doesnt't like manchester cheese so we brought this one home and were surprised when he started eating it

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