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Ham Ends & Shavings
Maximum 2 units

Ham Ends & Shavings Domestic

1 Reviews

Puntas de Jamon
Ham Ends & Shavings DOÑA JUANA
Aprox. 1lb / 450g.

Curad 11 months.
This ham may be eaten as is cut into small cubes or diced and added to any recipe to add flavor.

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Maximum purchase: 2


Package will contain ham ends, pieces that become difficult slice once we have reached the end of a de-boned ham. Which then are packaged. Some may come with little or no fat, while others the opposite.

Cured with: Salt, brownn sugar, sodiium nitrate, pepper, sodium nitrite.
1 Reviews

I love the shavings that La Española sells because they are super good in taste and very cheap

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