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Ham Hock Codillo
Ham Hock Codillo
Ham Hock Codillo
Maximum 2 units

Ham Hock Codillo

1 Reviews
Maximum 2 pks/order

Ham Hock Codillo DOÑA JUANA
Approx. 1lb / 450g.

Curad 11 months.
From our domestic Serrano Ham, these ham hocks an essential ingredient to add flavor to soups, stews, beans, & lentils. Also called "shank end", it comes from the lower section of the pig’s front or hind leg; it is used to make the traditional pork hock stew.

Cured with: Salt, brownn sugar, sodiium nitrate, pepper, sodium nitrite.
1 Reviews

this codillo is perfect for the fabada or any other stew

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