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La Serena D.O.P.
La Serena D.O.P.
La Serena D.O.P.
La Serena D.O.P.
La Serena D.O.P.
La Serena D.O.P.


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2054 1/2 wheel

Weight: 1/2 Wheel:  1.1 lbs. Approx.
Weight: Whole Wheel: 2.2 lbs. Approx.

Cheese of cylindrical form, elaborated with raw milk of sheep merina and vegetable rennet. Creamy and melting, mild flavor and great personality. Jewel of our agrarian cultural heritage.

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The cheese "Queso de la Serena" is the only one made with raw Merino sheep's milk  in the comarca of La Serena, in Extremadura Spain.  It is a completely farmhouse produced cheese, made according to traditions passed down from father to son.

The Pure sheep milk cheese is curdle using a coagulant found in the Pistil of cardoon (Cynara Cardunculus). The salting method is manual; each piece is individually salted by rubbing it with sea salt. Once this process is finished the cheese is cured for 60 days on wooden boards, placed inside aired chambers, being turned over every day.

1 Reviews

did someone say cheese sandwich?
this cheese is the best cheese to prepare my famous grilled cheese sandwich, the taste is very creamy

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