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Instant Paella Kit 2 Portions

Instant Paella Kit 2 Portions

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100% natural
Paella kit contains: 1 packet dried 25 g, 1 bag of rice broth 200 g and 1 bottle of olive oil 30 ml.

Ingredients: Rice, dehydrated broth extra virgin olive oil: summary of fish and seafood (crustaceans containing), salt, spices (paprika, garlic, turmeric and saffron 0.15%), tomatoes and yeast extract.


Prepare 1. Add (30 ml) oil to the Pan and heat over medium-low heat. To give you a personal touch, FRY pieces of squid and prawns (not included). 2 Add rice (200 g) and stir for 1-2minutes. It incorporates theseasoning (25 g) and well distributed.3 Add 750 ml of warm water (3cups) and UPS fire at medium tohigh intensity. 4. when it comes to a boil, Cook medium highintensity during the first 10 min. and then reduce heat to medium lowintensity until the rice has absorbed all the liquid. (approx. 10 min.).

This product has been designed to help those people who are unaware of the way a paella should be cooked. The set includes all the ingredients needed to easily make you first paella. You only have to add the amount of water indicated and you will obtain an excellent paella for four people.

1 Reviews

the best kit ever!
This is the bes paella kit i've ever seen, I was grocery sopping with my hubby and we saw it and we tried to prepare it at home and let me tell you it is sooo easy to make paella when you have this kit with the instructions! I highly recommend it!

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