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Nocilla -  cocoa and hazelnut cream
Nocilla -  cocoa and hazelnut cream
Nocilla - Original Chocolate and...
Nocilla -  cocoa and hazelnut cream
Nocilla -  cocoa and hazelnut cream

Nocilla - Original Chocolate and Hazelnut Spread

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Nocilla Original. Crema al Cacao con Avellanas.
Net Weight:190 gr (6.7oz)


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Nocilla’s famous natural ingredients - milk, cocoa, hazelnuts and sugar – are the basis of a formula that combines its incomparable flavour with a rich intake of nutrition.


The milk used to make Nocilla is skimmed and powdered.
Natural cocoa
We work with strict quality standards to ensure that one of our most important ingredients, cocoa, arrives in the best conditions to give that characteristic taste of Nocilla. Our cocoa is natural (so it is not subject to any chemical treament) and defatted.
Coming from the Mediterranean basin, they are roasted and added to the cream to give the touch of flavor so characteristic of our Nocilla.
Nocilla uses beet sugar for its production.
With high oleic sunflower oil
Coming from sunflower seeds, it is a nutritionally very interesting oil, since it contains a high proportion of monounsaturated fatty acids (similar to olive oil).
Cocoa butter
From the cacao bean, it helps to give a creamy and spreadable texture to Nocilla.

Since the late nineteen sixties, Nocilla has been the favourite teatime brand for children and youngsters who love its exquisite taste, and for mothers, who love its ability to feed their children in such a tasty, welcome way.

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