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Whole Ñora Peppers

Whole Dried Ñora Peppers 120g Chiquilin

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This variety of pepper is widely used and known in the provinces of Alicante and Murcia where its use is very widespread for the elaboration of paprika. It is characterized by its small size, its rounded shape and its red color. It is usually left in the sun for its subsequent drying.


The most typical way of using them is to fry them and then, once they are cooled, chop or grind to add them to a great variety of dishes most of which come from the Mediterranean: dipping sauces, rice dishes like a'banda rice and rice stew, stews in general and Romesco sauce.

The fruit of the Spanish dried Peppers.
1 Reviews

Whole ñora
if you are looking for an amazing whole ñora stop looking because this is the best you can get anywhere

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