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White Long Grain Parboiled Rice (2.2lb.)
White Long Grain Parboiled Rice (2.2lb.)

White Long Grain Parboiled Rice (2.2lb.)

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Vaporized Dacsa Rice is a long grain rice that has undergone a hydrothermal process, combining pressure, temperature and water vapor, so that the cuticle is melted inside the grain. This makes rice richer in fiber, vitamins and minerals. It is very suitable for white rice dishes, garnishes or salads, since by not passing you get a grain always loose.


Most rice consumed in Spain is grown in some areas close to the coast. Those three areas (Valencia, Delta del Ebro, Calasparra in Murcia) are protected by 'Denominación de Origen' (Origen of Denomination).

Can also be used to make paella, but it is very adapted for plates of white rice, accompaniments or salads.

Weight: 2.2lb
1 Reviews

it wont go soggy
I am super bad at cooking and my friend told me that this

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