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Badia Gardeny Cava Vinegar 500ml

Badia Gardeny Cava Vinegar 500ml

1 Reviews

The base wine for cava is created by combining distinctive cava varieties (Macabeo, Xarel·lo, and Parellada), which ends up in our cava wine vinegar.
A bittersweet vinegar which, thanks to its delicate fruity notes, is ideal for use in all kinds of salads, marinades, and for adding flavor to fish and other seafood.

Especially recommended: with oysters.

Vinagre de Vino de Cava
Net Weight: 17oz/500ml 
5% Acidity

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Fresh, fragrant and light, it has very pleasant sweet candied apple notes.

Made with cava base wine Undoubtedly, the cava is associated with the Catalan wine culture, so this vinegar could not be missing from our family’s collection of white wine vinegars. The main varieties of grapes used to make it are Macabeo, Parellada and Xarel·lo, each of which provides complementary characteristics to the wine. The lower acidity of the cava compared to other wines, as well as its ease of pairing, have contributed to the rise of this product around the world.

During the fermentation process, only the alcohol from the wine becomes vinegar. The other aromas and flavours only stay in the vinegar if the method used is slow and delicate. This is why, even when competing against quick, industrial fermentation systems for producing high volumes of vinegar with few sensory layers, here at Badia Vinagres we have chosen to stick with a traditional method that has been used for almost 200 years. Invented in 1823 by the German chemist Schützenbach, the method consists of a slow and painstaking process to extract the best features of vinegar and its base wine in order to better preserve the aromas and flavours, achieving a very pleasant touch of acidity. Special mention should be given to the last step of the manufacturing process of our Riesling and Merlot bittersweets, which is followed by a maturing stage in carefully selected French oak barrels. During this aging phase, the wood incorporates aromas from the exchange reactions between the two materials, thus refining and balancing the resulting vinegar.

Net Weight: 17oz/500ml
cava vinegar, grape must.
5% Acidity
1 Reviews

it tastes like cava
My wife and I bought this vinegar and we were very excited to try it our in our food and it gave our food that great taste that it was lacking of.

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