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Hacienda Guzman EVOO Organic V...
Hacienda Guzman EVOO Organic V...
Hacienda Guzman EVOO Organic V...

Hacienda Guzman EVOO Organic V Centenario 500ml

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HG V Centenario, a Special Commmorative Edition.
HG V Centenario is a coupage olive oil. It is made from different varieties of olives to achieve an extra virgin with a very serene flavour. This oil’s personality comes from the balance between its fruity and bitter nuances, making it perfect for combining with any dish.
This premium olive oil belongs to a limited and exclusive edition that is launched with the start of the new harvest, to celebrate the 500 years of Hacienda Guzmán's olive oil tradition. This olive oil captures the essence of the brand: tradition and artisan character in a bottle that was designed exclusively for the occasion.
As in all Hacienda Guzmán olive oils, the olives chosen for this precious product are harvested manually, thus guaranteeing that the fruit does not suffer, and therefore obtaining a gourmet olive oil of unbeatable quality.
The result is an organic extra virgin olive oil that is very harmonious on the palate due to the play of fruity and herbaceous aromas. This extra virgin olive oil is perfect to enjoy raw, appreciating its nuances, especially in salads, on toast or with fish or creamy soups.



HG Manzanilla Family Reserve was the first extra virgin olive oil from Hacienda Guzmán. An exclusive monovarietal of manzanilla, unique in the market. This extra virgin, of 0.2 degrees of acidity, is the result of a meticulous process of selection and care from source to final product, a splendid juice of freshly squeezed olives. The fruit of the work of 3 generations of oil merchants. The olives from the Seville manzanilla variety used to give life to HG RF Manzanilla were harvested at the beginning of October, with this yield (between 10 and 12%) sacrificed in order to obtain the highest quality oil possible. In the manzanilla, you can perceive an intense fruitiness with green nuances that lead to the leaf and the stem of the olive tree, with slight bitterness and spiciness. It gives us a feeling that we identify with the freshness of the green olive. High in intensity, persistent, and leaving a prolonged aftertaste that allows us to appreciate all the flavour.

Hacienda Guzmán is the experience of enjoying selective Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is the result of the work and wisdom of a family dedicated to oil for more than four generations.
All the production at Hacienda Guzman takes place in an olive farm from the 16th century, where a strict production process limits the output to produce a limited edition of 10.000 bottles.
We are cautious in the preparation of olive oil; it has high standards due to the meticulous selection of the fruit which makes olive oil experience in itself.
One can enjoy the exclusive chamomile type of olive with our Family reserve and the most natural blend of our Hacienda Guzman Organic.

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