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EVOO Arbequina El Silencio

Torres El Silencio EVOO Arbequina 500ml

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Aceite de Oliva Arbequina Extra Virgen
Net Weight: 17floz/500ml

El Silencio Arbequina is made with Arbequina olives from olive trees over four hundred years old (olea europaea) from our "Aranyó" Estate, in the heart of the area known as "Les Garrigues," in Catalonia.


Harvest: The olives are harvested by hand and immediately taken to the mill, ensuring the raw materials are in perfect condition to make the oil. The olive harvest goes from the middle of October to the end of November.

Production: The oil is obtained from the first cold extraction, solely by mechanical means.

Tasting comments: Silencio Arbequina expresses the typicality of the Arbequina. Artichoke, almonds, tomato are the principal notes in the aromatic palette. It is fresh, and the aroma is subtle and delicate. The first sensation in the mouth is sweetness with bitter and pungent notes well present

1 Reviews

Just as expected
My wife bought this oil and it makes our salads very tasty

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