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Michelangelo Ham Knife

Michelangelo Ham Knife

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The Michelangelo knife is designed to maximise carving performance, because it always allows you to carve to the bone and get perfects slices, even in difficult areas of ham. Michelangelo's special blade which is only 12 mm wide with a sharp flat face (Japanese style) allows you to carve like a professional, always resulting in thin slices. It allows you to cut 100% of the piece of ham, in a totally safe and incredibly easy way, providing professional results, as you can see in the following video:

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The high quality steel used in its blade allows you to easily restore the blade to factory sharpness. The use of a high strength steel blade (surgical quality), requires less frequent sharpening than other ham knives. The sharpening process using diamond sharpening steel or whetstone is a quick and easy task.
The knife is well finished and comes with a premium case that protects the knife blade when it isn't being used (it's important to note that the main damage to the edge is caused by contact with other hard objects or surfaces). The handle of the knife is hand-made.


Very safe design knife
Calibrated gap (0,8 mm) for carving perfect ham slices
Specially design blade (only 12 mm wide and 28 cm long), which allows you to carve right to the bone
Allows you to cut 100% of the piece of bone-in ham Made of 100% stainless steel
Surgical stainless steel blade (High Strength Steel), requires less frequent sharpening
Premium handle
Includes wrench (assembly / disassembly)
Knife weight: 290 gr
Patented System Premium Hand Made, Albacete, Spain


This is a "fine-gauge" knife, specially designed for use with Iberian ham or (minimum) 15 months old dry-cured ham. 

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