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Albo White Tuna (Atlantic Bonito) in Olive Oil Conservas Albo - 1
Albo White Tuna (Atlantic Bonito) in...
Albo White Tuna (Atlantic Bonito) in Olive Oil Conservas Albo - 1

Albo White Tuna (Atlantic Bonito) in Olive Oil

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At Conservas Albo we select the best specimens of white tuna one by one, guaranteeing that they are at their optimum quality point. White tuna is a healthy and nutritious food, high in protein and low in fat and calories. To the virtues of the fish we add the enormous advantages of olive oil: flavor and health go hand in hand.

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  • Suitable for celiacs. This product is gluten free.


  • This item have quantity discount. See table below.


Albo white tuna in olive oil combines the exquisite flavor of the highest quality fish of the tuna family with the best quality olive oil and an exceptional nutritional contribution.

Net Weight: 4oz.
white tuna, olive oil, and salt.
1 Reviews

Bonito tuna is the best
I love this tuna to add it to my salads or my avocado toasts

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