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50% Ibérico Ham Piece by Fermin

50% Ibérico Ham Piece by Fermin

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The texture and aroma of Fermin Ibérico products are a result of a slow curing process in a unique enviroment. In this 50% line, the free rante 100% Ibérico is cross bred with the 100% Duroc pig resulting in a 50% iberico pig.

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The texture and aroma of FERMIN Iberian products are the result of a slow curing process in a unique environment. The 50% Ibérico breed bait products are obtained as a result of crossing a 100% Ibérico pig and a 100% Duroc pig with a cereal-based diet. In this way we obtain a more affordable product with a lower fat content.

The only difference between the bait and the field bait is that the second enjoys freedom throughout his life, while the first is reared intensively.

1 Reviews

Money saving
This piece is a money saving piece. I didn't have money to buy an entire ham and thanks to this I was able to eat ham this winter without having to spend a lot of money on it

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