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Chorizo Sarta
Chorizo Sarta Pre-sliced 4oz
Chorizo Sarta Pre-sliced 4oz
Chorizo Sarta

Chorizo Sarta Pre-sliced 4oz

1 Reviews

Chorizo Sarta Pre-Sliced 4oz

It is a cured sausage characterized by a form of "sarta" or horseshoe and its thickness , made from natural ingredients, which are lean pork, pimenton de la vera (paprika), garlic and natural sea salt.


In crude. Accompanied by a simple piece of good bread, or grilled chorizo Sarta is a real delight.

Pork, Beef, Sea Salt, Paprika, Nonfat, Dry Milk, Pure Cane Sugar in the Raw, Garlic.
1 Reviews

The best brand
I tried all the chorizos at La Espanola and this one is by far my favorite, just the right amount of strong flavor of chorizo

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