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Gentle to moderate aroma of goat, a characteristic taste with some slight acidity, at times a little peppery and slightly salty. Some goat flavour in the after-taste.

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Region: Extremadura

The Ibores cheese is a Spanish cheese made from unpasteurized goats’ milk in Extremadura. It has Denomination of Origin protection and is made specifically in the districts of Ibores, Villuercas, La Jara y Trujillo in the south east of the Province of Cáceres.

Smooth and not too hard with a natural colour of straw to dark ochre if it has been rubbed with pimentón or olive oil. The rind of older cheeses may be coloured by various moulds which can populate the surface, a greyish or reddish-orange if rubbed with pimentón and yellow ochre if oiled.

The cheese is ivory-white and firm. It has a buttery and moist texture and is friable but elastic. It has a few small cavities unevenly dispersed in the cheese.

It is usually eaten as a snacking cheese with wine or beer or as part of a meal.

1 Reviews

muy buen queso
este queso es delicioso

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