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Anchovy Flat Fillets in Sunflower Oil...
Anchovy Flat Fillets in Sunflower Oil...

Anchovy Flat Fillets in Sunflower Oil Monte Corona by Arlequin

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Filetes de Anchoa en Aceite Vegetal (pesca del Pacifico)

in can (70-80 fillets) 11.6oz - 550 g

These anchovies are produced within hours of delivery from a local port and packed with the right amount of salt to ensure the correct maturation process. Only the best fish is used for this product. first quality anchovies produced following strict quality controls.

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anchovies, sunflower oil, and salt.
Pacific Wild Caught /  Pesca del Pacifico (Producto originario de Perú)

All the products must keep refrigerated between 2-8ºC
Shelf-Live: 12 months

11.6oz - 550 g
Anchovies, sunflower oil and salt.
1 Reviews

great taste
this anchovies conserve very well with this oil and it keeps the flavor very smooth

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